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Differential Pressure Testing

What is a Differential Pressure Test?

Differential pressure tests are a type of pressure decay test. However, in addition to traditional pressure decay testing methods, differential pressure testers measure the pressure change between a pre-established air volume and the test part volume. Using readings sent by innovative differential pressure transmitters, a differential pressure manometer measures the difference in pressure between the two readings to identify leaks in final products. If the pressure does not drop, the part is good, and production can continue. If pressure does drop, then further evaluation will be required. Differential pressure testers are precise and highly sensitive, allowing you to continue production without interruption or delay.

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How Differential Pressure Testers Work:

  1. Connect your part to a Zaxis leak tester with the appropriate fittings or fixtures. During the FILL function, your part is filled with air and pressurized.
  2. Once your pre-determined pressure has been achieved, the SETTLE stage commences. The air will stabilize to account for stretching, flexing, or other changes in the part. Note: some physical deformations may occur during this stage.
  3. During this stabilization process, the fill valve will remain closed. If the part drops in pressure during this stage, it has failed the differential pressure test.
  4. After the SETTLE stage, the test valve will close. Differential pressure transmitters will monitor the relative pressure between your part and the reference volume.
  5. When the differential pressure test is complete, the remaining pressure is flushed from the system during the VENT stage.
  6. A green light will indicate that your part meets your pre-set specifications and PASSES. A red light will illuminate to indicate that your part FAILS.

Applications for Differential Pressure Testing Equipment:

In general, differential pressure testers are ideal solutions for components involving large volumes with low leak rates. Contact Zaxis to learn more about how differential pressure testing can enhance your production.

Suggested Air Leak Testers for Differential Pressure Tests Isaac HD

The Isaac HD is a modular unit that combines industry-leading performance with extreme flexibility. This powerhouse features a small footprint and extensive leak testing capabilities.

Zaxis 7i

Designed with usability in mind, the Zaxis 7i air leak tester features a 7” touch screen display and delivers fast test times for applications with larger test volumes.

Zaxis is Your Go-To USA Manufacturer of Differential Pressure Testers

For twenty-five years, Zaxis has been the leading manufacturer of differential pressure testers and other high-performance air leak testing solutions. All services are carried out in the USA to ensure complete quality, allowing us to deliver only the best air leak testers and precision metering pumps to OEMs and manufacturers like you.

Contact us or request a quote today to get started.

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