Leak Testing and Dispensing for Factory Automation

Multi-Function Leak Testers

The modular design of Zaxis leak testers enables us to meet the demand of a wide variety of applications. Our leak testers have the ability to store multiple programs and run many different leak tests.

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Precision Fluid Metering Pumps

The Patented eVmp, or electronic variable metering pump, system is a precision fluid metering and dispensing pump that is accompanied by a detachable touch screen interface, or TSi, for simple programing and immediate teach and control.

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Precision and People.

Here at ZAXIS we have been designing and building precision leak testing equipment for over 20 years. As a result of all those years we understand that our high-quality customers are just as important as our high-quality products. We are problem solvers at heart and for that reason we have innovated some of the world’s leading leak testing and dispensing equipment around.

Our company is just big enough to make a dent in the world and just small enough to remember where we came from and what we stand for. Consequently, we have been able to maintain relationships with manufacturers big and small for years and years. Above all, we are grateful for all of the loyalty and friendship and will continue to put your needs as our top priority. We are always here to help and can’t wait to see our new customers join our growing family here at Zaxis.

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A leak test is used to determine if an object, product, or system functions within a specified leak limit. Leaks occur when gas or liquid flow through an object via an imperfection or manufacturing defect such as holes, cracks, weak seals, etc. Leaks always flow from higher pressure to lower pressure; leak testers use pressure to generate and monitor that flow.

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See our Downloads page for a printable data sheets, catalogs, and manuals.

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