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7i VM3 Volumetric Air Leak Tester

The VM3 volumetric air leak tester by Zaxis employs innovative techniques for pressure decay testing without the need for an external air supply. This leak tester operates using a plunger mechanism to produce a consistent volume of air independently, eliminating the requirement for house air.

Large 7" Color Touch Screen
EtherNet/IP Compatible
Up to 100 Stored Programs
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Pressure Decay Testing Without an External Air Supply

The 7i VM3 stands as a unique solution initially designed for balloon catheters, now extended to various leak testing applications, including chamber testing. This technique proves optimal for conducting pressure decay tests on sealed components like electronics or wearablesmedical devices, and other parts used across industries.

Volumetric Air Leak Testing for a Balloon Catheter

Key Advantages of 7i VM3 Volumetric Air Testers

The VM3 volumetric air leak tester from Zaxis signifies an innovative leap in leak testing technology, offering unparalleled versatility and reliability. By eliminating the dependence on house air and expanding applications to encompass sensitive sealed parts, it stands as a cutting-edge solution for diverse leak testing needs.
  • Independence from House Air: The 7i VM3 generates fixed air volumes without relying on an external air supply.
  • Widened Applications: Originally conceived for balloon catheters, it now caters to various leak testing needs, including chamber testing.
  • Enhanced Versatility: Ideal for pressure decay tests on sealed parts like electronics or wearables, ensuring product integrity and reliability.

Innovate Your Production With USA-Made Volumetric Leak Testers

Zaxis proudly designs, manufactures, and assembles our family of air leak testing products in the USA to ensure quality at all steps of production. For over 25 years, we have been our clients’ go-to problem solvers, and we look forward to working with you to improve your line. Contact us or request a quote today to discuss timeline estimates, pricing, and other details specific to your order.

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