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Zaxis 7i Large Display Leak Tester

The Zaxis 7i is our flagship air leak tester, including all the features of our Isaac HD plus added benefits due to its increased footprint. Its 7” touchscreen is easier to navigate, and its larger box allows us to enclose more sensors, manifolds, and valves in applications that require a high number of channels and test types.

Large 7" Color Touch Screen
EtherNet/IP Compatible
Up to 100 Stored Programs

The Zaxis 7i Large Display Leak Test Delivers Reliable Results

This high-capacity leak tester offers enhanced capabilities for air leak testing, specifically designed to accommodate larger valves, allowing faster test times for applications with significant test volumes. Its proficiency in employing pressure decay and vacuum decay techniques sets it apart, ensuring precise measurement and detection of leaks in various components and systems across industries.

Key Features for Air Leak Testing

Equipped with a high-sensitivity 24-bit analog-to-digital converter, the Zaxis 7i ensures precision in detecting air leaks. The user-friendly interface streamlines test setup, eliminating the need for extensive training, and offers many beneficial features: zaxis-7i-wide2
  • Advanced Pressure Decay and Vacuum Decay Techniques
  • Large 7" Color Touch Screen Interface
  • Supports Running Up to 4 Test Ports and 4 Test Types Concurrently
  • Designed for Custom Configurations
  • EtherNet/IP Compatibility for Seamless Connectivity
  • Storage for Up to 100 Testing Programs
The Zaxis 7i seamlessly integrates into automated systems. Its customizable cycle time adapts to specific air leak testing requirements, optimizing efficiency and accuracy. Leverage the Zaxis 7i's advanced capabilities in pressure decay and vacuum decay techniques to enhance and streamline your air leak testing processes effectively.

Choose Zaxis as Your Air Leak Test Manufacturing Partner

For over 25 years, Zaxis has been the leading manufacturer of USA-made air leak testing equipment, including the Zaxis 7i large display leak test model. We build air leak test solutions that are CE, ISO 9001, REACH, and RoHS compliant to fully support your automation production. Contact us to learn more. Request a quote to begin your order.
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