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Chamber Leak Testing for Leak Detection in Sealed Products

A chamber test is critical for identifying leaks in sealed packaging or devices that lack accessible openings for traditional leak detection. This technique, also known as metered volume fill, proves to be the most effective means of testing such products.

Zaxis leak testing equipment is the best solution for comprehensive leak detection on automation manufacturing lines. Our products offer modular designs, accurate results, and reliable operations over long lifespans. To learn more about chamber leak testing or to discuss other leak testing options, contact us today. A Zaxis expert will be in contact as soon as possible.

Understanding Chamber Leak Testing

In a chamber leak test, the product is enclosed within a sealed chamber. We custom design each chamber to closely match the product's volume to ensure a fast and precise test. The sealed chamber undergoes pressurization using a measured quantity of regulated air. Once the predetermined pressure level is attained, the test commences.

How Chamber Leak Testing Works

  1. Product Placement: The product is securely placed inside the sealed chamber.
  2. Controlled Pressurization: Regulated air fills the chamber to a specified pressure level.
  3. Pressure Maintenance: The designated pressure is sustained to assess product integrity.
  4. Result Determination: If the pressure remains stable, indicating no leaks, the product passes. Conversely, a drop in pressure indicates a leak, marking the product as failed.

When to Use Chamber Leak Testing

A chamber test is invaluable for evaluating the integrity of sealed products, ensuring their reliability and functionality across diverse applications, from sensitive medical devices to sophisticated electronic enclosures: 

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Chamber Leak Testing Equipment from Zaxis.

Chamber Leak Testing Equipment from Zaxis

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