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Isaac HD Modular Production Air Leak Testers

Customizable Air Leak Testing Made Easy

Zaxis is a pioneer in high-performance air leak testing equipment. Our innovative Isaac HD air leak tester offers multiple test types across 4 channels and features a modular design to accommodate upgrades for different test types or number of channels. Contact us to learn more.

Multiple Test Types
Easy to Use Touchscreen
Intuitive Interface for Simple Set-Up
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Precision Results from Isaac HD Modular Production Air Leak Testers

The Isaac HD embodies excellence with unparalleled test stability and repeatability. It boasts a spacious full-color display that simplifies test setup and execution, combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design. For leak testing solutions that exceed expectations, trust the Isaac HD.

Key Features and Benefits

The Isaac HD stands out for its industry-leading capabilities. Despite its small footprint, the Isaac HD modular production air leak tester surpasses expectations, effortlessly handling various tests with precision. Its user-friendly full-color display and intuitive interface make it a plug-and-play solution for all your air leak testing requirements.

  • Multiple Test Types in One System
  • Easy-to-Use Touchscreen Interface
  • Intuitive Interface for Simple Setup
  • 0.8 cm³ Internal Volume for Precise Testing
  • 24-Bit A/D for Enhanced Accuracy
  • Interfaces: Serial, Ethernet, and PLC
  • Two-Axis Fixture Control
  • Small Footprint (6″ x 7″ x 9″)
  • Calibration Accuracy: 0.3% of Full Scale

To delve deeper into the Isaac HD’s capabilities and specifications, download the datasheet or reach out to our team for comprehensive assistance.

The Isaac HD Delivers Flexibility Through a Multi-Test Design

The Isaac HD modular production air leak tester confirms an object, product, or system operates within specified leak limits, detecting imperfections like holes, cracks, or weak seals causing gas or liquid flow. It serves as the ultimate solution for all your air leak testing needs, accommodating various test types:

Trust Zaxis as Your Go-To Air Leak Tester Manufacturing Partner

Zaxis Inc. is the top manufacturer and leading source of the industry’s best air leak testing equipment customized for your production line. Our USA-made products, including Isaac HD modular production air leak testers, are designed to deliver repeatable, accurate results to streamline your manufacturing process and maximize your output. Contact us or request a quote today to get started.

Available Isaac HD Test Types

A leak test is used to determine if an object, product, or system functions within a specified leak limit. Leaks occur when gas or liquid flow through an object via an imperfection or manufacturing defect such as holes, cracks, weak seals, etc.

More Leak Testing Information

Pressure Decay / Vacuum Decay
Mass Flow
Pressure Cracking

Isaac HD Specifications

6″ wide, 7″ high, 9″ deep
A very small footprint enables you to maximize your lab or automation space.
.00001 PSI
High sensitivity ensures your parts are within your manufacturing specification.
Test Port Fitting
1/8 FNPT female bulkhead
The most common leak tester fittings are the Male Luer, Male Luer Lock, Female Luer Lock, 5 mm compression, 6 mm compression and the Staubli T. Leak Tester Fittings Options
Pressure Range
0–15, 0–100, 0–300, 0–500, 0–1000 PSIG of Positive Pressure or 0-14.5 PSI of Vacuum (other ranges available upon request)
Automatic pressure control allows multiple tests to run at varying pressures without having to adjust the tester.
Type 1
Leak Tester Valve Options
4.3″ Color Touchscreen
High definition color touchscreen for high readability and ease of use. Intuitive intercase makes test setup quick and easy, no need for lengthy training session.
Custom Configurations Available
Zaxis allows customers to customize their configuration to their specific application ensuring Zaxis’ products always remain relevant.
Test Types
Pressure DecayVacuum DecayOcclusionMass FlowBurstChamberPressure Cracking
Each tester can be configured for a multitude of different test types enabling you to minimize your leak testing expenses and maximize your floor space.
Stored Programs
Allows you to run multiple parameters through each port.
Media Compatibility
Clean, dry, non-corrosive gasses
Media must be compatible with Aluminum and 316 stainless steel. Please contact us if there is a conflict and we can examine alternative solutions.
USB, RS232, I/O, Ethernet (TCP/IP), Optional EtherNet/IP
Multiple communication options specific to your application.
Internal Volume
0.8 cm3
A small internal volume is often overlooked when purchasing a leak tester, but it is one of the most important specifications. A small internal volume minimizes testing variability such as thermal drift.
Calibration Accuracy
0.25% of full scale
High accuracy at a low price
115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz auto sensing, 60 Watts
Universal power requirements allows us to ship testers all over the world.

Multilumen Catheter Leak Test

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