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Leak Testing Solutions for the Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Medical device manufacturers create products that are used to save lives. As a result, nothing less than the highest quality product is acceptable, as failure in a medical device can have life-threatening consequences for patients. The only way to ensure complete quality is through rigorous testing with the best ASTM and FDA-compliant leak testers for medical equipment.

Zaxis understands quality. Our high-performance leak testers are sensitive, accurate, and purpose-built for medical device manufacturing. The configurable designs of Zaxis leak testers make them ideal for any medical application, from small disposable supplies to large diagnostic equipment.

The Best Leak Testers in Medical Device Manufacturing

Zaxis leak testers offer a broad selection of pressure ranges and flow rates. Easy to install and operate, our products are available with multiple channels and test types in a single tester to streamline your medical device manufacturing processes. Our leak testing equipment for medical devices performs all the necessary test types for applications in the medical industry, including decay testing, vacuum decay, mass flow testing, occlusion testing, and more.

Vacuum Decay Testers for Medical Equipment

Vacuum decay testers ensure that your medical devices are not leaking air. Zaxis manufactures our non-destructive leak testing equipment with usability and versatility in mind. In addition to vacuum decay testing for medical equipment, our leak testers are multifunctional and can be quickly incorporated into any quality control process. Popular leak testers for medical device manufacturing with vacuum decay testing capabilities include:

Not sure which leak tester for medical devices is best for your manufacturing operation? Let us know. Our dedicated team is here to help you select the best medical device leak tester for your manufacturing operation.

Medical Devices that Require Leak Testing

Most medical device manufacturing outfits require leak testing before delivering the finished product to be used by the public. Commonly leak-tested medical equipment includes:

  • Catheter Tip Seal
  • Catheter Bag
  • Catheter Luer
  • Multi-Lumen Catheter
  • Diagnostic Reagent Kit
  • IV Administration Set
  • IV Pump
  • Fluid/Blood Bags
  • Filters
  • One-Way Check Valves
  • Tubing Sets
  • Ventilators
  • Sensors
  • Stopcock
  • And many others!

Satisfy Stringent Quality Requirements with Zaxis FDA & ASTM Approved Leak Testers

Rigorous testing of medical devices is necessary to safeguard patient safety. Zaxis can help you adhere to stringent standards such as FDA or ASTM as needed, as well as meet or exceed your in-house requirements. Matching any of these guidelines requires extreme dedication to quality, a refusal to cut corners, and an ongoing commitment to refine and evolve our processes to better meet the needs of medical device manufacturers. To help us reach these goals, we are:

Get Started with Zaxis Today

Zaxis provides the best leak testing equipment for medical device manufacturers and many other industries. To learn more about our USA-made leak testers, customer service, or other capabilities, contact us today. To receive pricing information and details specific to your medical equipment manufacturing application, request a quote. A friendly and expert representative will be in touch as soon as possible.

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