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Air Leak Testers for Consumer Goods

Streamline your automated consumer goods production line with Zaxis air leak testing equipment.

Consumer goods and electronics manufacturers require comprehensive air leak testing solutions to validate IP ratings and bring high-performance products to market. Whether you are testing a part on a lab bench or thousands of parts on your production line, Zaxis offers complete leak testing solutions. We configure your air leak testing equipment in a multitude of ways to maximize your production throughput while maintaining product integrity and quality.

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Air Leak Testing is a Critical Step in Producing & Waterproof Testing Electronics or Other Consumer Goods

Zaxis offers complete leak testing solutions for electronics and consumer goods, including proving IP ratings for electronics or sealed components, performing waterproof testing, and more. Our equipment is designed to produce accurate and repeatable results on any production line, including those manufacturing:

  • Smartphones
  • Water Bladder Bags
  • Gear Watches
  • Construction Masks
  • Water Bottle Valves
  • Adjustable Air Beds
  • And many other consumer goods!

We are prepared to design and manufacture the best air leak tester for your unique consumer goods application. Call 801-264-1000 to speak with a representative directly and learn more.

Success Story: How Zaxis Tackled an Ankle Bracelet Challenge

A manufacturer of ankle bracelet monitors encountered a significant issue: their devices functioned effectively when dry, but were prone to short-circuits when exposed to water, like during a shower or bath. To ensure the bracelets were water-resistant, the company needed a reliable method for detecting any water infiltration.

In search of a solution, the company turned to Zaxis. Zaxis developed a custom fixture that securely sealed around the ankle bracelet, enabling the manufacturer to conduct vacuum decay tests on the device’s sealed electronic parts. This same fixture is also compatible with pressure decay tests.

Thanks to Zaxis’ air leak testing equipment, the manufacturer can now expedite their production process and deliver ankle bracelets that are both high-performing and resistant to water exposure.

Recommended Leak Testing Products for Manufacturing Consumer Goods

The Isaac HD air leak tester makes customizable leak testing easy for electronics and consumer goods manufacturers. It offers a large full-color display and outstanding signal processing for unparalleled test stability and repeatability. The Isaac HD is particularly well-suited for the following air leak tests:

Download the Zaxis Isaac HD Datasheet to learn more about our Isaac HD air leak detector.

Zaxis Designs & Manufactures the Best Air Leak Testers for Automated Production Lines.

Zaxis manufactures the industry’s best air leak testers for automated production lines across many industries. Our modular designs are flexible and versatile, allowing you to customize your air leak testing equipment to fit your needs and run multiple programs and tests in a single machine. Contact us or request a quote to put Zaxis’ leak detection expertise to work for your business.

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