Leak Testing Fixtures for Specialty Leak Detection Applications

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Over 300 Custom Fixtures in 30 Years

When a challenging application cannot be solved by our standard products, we utilize our specialized design, manufacturing, and assembly team. This specialized engineering team may include mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, machinists, and assemblers. Zaxis Inc. operates in a 26,000 square foot manufacturing facility optimized for developing custom products for challenging applications. We like being challenged by our customers, because it provides a natural well for innovation.

Custom Leak Test Fixtures

Most air leak tests don’t require special fixtures. But when they do, our in-house design and machining staff can build a complete solution no matter the complexity.

Our process is totally collaborative. We take the time to discuss your specific requirements. Once we understand your needs, our design staff starts building a 3D model. That model is shared with you for approval before we move into manufacturing. The approved 3D model is then sent to our CNC machining staff.

The end result of this process is a custom-built sealing solution that will meet your requirements every time.

Need to fit a leak test into your automation process? Once you decide which Zaxis tester works best for your application, tell us about your automation process and safety requirements. We will design something perfect for your environment.

Drawer Fixtures

Specially designed for chamber tests, the Zaxis drawer fixtures come in a variety of sizes to fit your application. Each drawer is built in house and specific to the dimensions of the product being tested. We aim for a snug fit with very little room/volume around your product to achieve the most sensitive test results.

Tombstone Fixtures

Specially designed to hold the quick connect pneumatic sealers (page 20). These fixtures are made in-house to custom fit a pneumatic sealer of any size, offering safety and stability for your environment.


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