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Burst Pressure Leak Test

What is a Burst Pressure Leak Test?

A Burst test is a destructive pressure test that will measure the maximum pressure at which an object will catastrophically fail or “burst.” During this test, an object is attached to a test port and pressurized with regulated air. Pressure sensors measure the pressure ramp rate and burst event, then compare them to predetermined limits for pass or fail. This test type is of particular use to design engineers. It can assist with things like material selection and component geometry. A burst test can also be a non-destructive test when run on products such as check valves.


Here’s how it works:

  1. bust-graph The product is attached to the test port and the test sequence is initiated.
  2. The Test step, pressurizes the part with regulated air through  a needle valve or a programmable electronic regulator.
  3. During the Test step the ramp rate of pressure is measured by the Isaac’s pressure sensor.
  4. When a burst occurs a small drop in the ramp rate occurs triggering the burst event. The pressure is recorded and compared to limits for pass or fail.
  5. The remaining pressure is Vented for safety.

Sample Applications:

  • Catheter
  • IV Set
  • Check Valve
  • Tubing
  • Bag

Suggested Leak Testers for Burst Pressure

Isaac HD

The modular design makes this mulit-tester the work horse of the leak tester family.
Zaxis 7i

Large feature capacity including a large, easy to use, color touchscreen.
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