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  • 2015 Introduced the VMP with larger Color Touch Screen
  • 2010 Introduced Isaac HD Multi-Function Leak Tester with Color Touch Screen.
  • 2005 Introduced Isaac Multi-Function Leak Tester.
  • 2003 Introduced VMP and Tri-Pump lines of precision fluid variable dispensers.
  • 2002 Partnered with EFD to introduce the Ultra 2800
  • 1999 Introduced Acuspense line of products.
  • 1998 Incorporated Zaxis to offer products and services for factory automation.
  • 1997 Sold Sprint LC to Uson LLC, a Roper Industrial company.
  • 1993 Sprint LC. Microprocessor based multi function tester. Liquid crystal display, 100 stored programs with 4 channel concurrent testing – 4 times faster!
  • 1989 Sprint MT, first multifunction micro processor based bench top pressure decay, mass flow, burst tester on the market.
  • 1986 Sprint Leak Tester, Non-microprocessor
  • 1984 designed Temptron and Flowtron Benchtop thermometer and 4 channel mass flow leak tester. Non micro-processor controlled.
  • 1984 Industrial Data Systems founded
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