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Vacuum Decay Leak Test

A vacuum decay leak test is a cost-effective non-destructive testing method used to detect leaks in parts, packaging, and industrial components. Compared to traditional dunk tests, vacuum decay leak testing is completed quickly, yields certain and reliable results, and significantly reduces the opportunity for variability and human error.

Zaxis vacuum decay leak test equipment is built to deliver efficiency and accuracy to your production line. Our family of products are customizable to your requirements and produce precision results, no matter your industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your operations. Request a quote to begin your order.

Vacuum Decay Leak Tests for Industrial Manufacturing Productions

Whether you are manufacturing medical catheters or fuel injectors, it is essential to confirm that your parts do not leak before reaching end users. Vacuum decay leak tests are an efficient, versatile, highly sensitive way to accomplish this task and are an ideal testing method for:

For more information about how vacuum decay leak tests can improve your production line, call 801-264-1000 to speak with a representative directly.

How Zaxis Vacuum Decay Leak Tests Work

Vacuum decay leak tests deliver many advantages to your production, such as producing results with resolution up to the 5th decimal place or 0.00001 PSI, allowing for fast test cycles. Zaxis air leak testers are built for usability and repeatability. On top of being customized to your requirements, they are integrated into your line and complete testing in a few straightforward steps:

  1. Connect your part to a Zaxis leak tester using the appropriate fitting or fixture. The FILL stage begins, and a negative pressure (vacuum) is applied to your part.
  2. Once the desired negative test pressure has been reached and the fill timer has ended, the SETTLE stage commences. This phase accommodates for part stretching or flexing.
  3. Once the settle time ends, the vacuum decay TEST initiates, and a pressure sensor measures any increase in vacuum pressure.
  4. When the vacuum decay test is complete, the VENT stage begins. Any remaining negative pressure in the system is vented to atmosphere.
  5. If the vacuum decay of your part remains within the pre-set specifications, then your part PASSES, and a green light illuminates. If the vacuum decay of your part falls below your lower limit, then your part FAILS, and the red light illuminates.

USA-Made Vacuum Decay Leak Test Solutions Tailored to Your Line

Zaxis leads the market by manufacturing USA-made air leak testing solutions for industrial production lines. Our equipment is used in critical applications, and we work hard to engineer your best air leak testing solution. Many of our products can perform vacuum decay leak tests, and your most suitable option will depend on your specifications.

Get Started with Zaxis Today

Zaxis is your #1 manufacturer of air leak testing equipment for automation production lines. Contact us to learn more about how vacuum decay leak testers can improve your manufacturing work. Request a quote to receive details specific to your order.

Suggested Leak Testers For Vacuum Decay

The Zaxis PD tester is a wall-mounted, lower-cost, single-channel alternative for manufacturing cell configurations.

Featuring a compact design to save on valuable manufacturing space, the Zaxis iKit is ideal for automation lines.

The Isaac HD is the work horse of the Zaxis leak tester family, offering a modular design and multi-testing capabilities.

Featuring an improved and easy-to-use color touchscreen, the Zaxis 7i delivers high-performance leak testing for your production.

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