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Air leak testing is critical when manufacturing automotive components. As an automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer), your clients rely on you to deliver reliable assemblies that perform safely, efficiently, and without error. Automotive vehicles contain complicated networks of components, which must seamlessly work together at high speed. A leak or flaw in one part can cause catastrophic results, such as compromised performances, increased emissions, decreased fuel efficiency, and complete system shutdown.

Incorporating our precise, high-speed, leak testing solutions into your production process gives you the chance to catch faulty parts before they ship. Quality control needs to be done in your factory, not after your parts arrive to your customer.


Choose Zaxis for Reliable Automotive Leak Test Equipment

Zaxis provides reliable solutions to ensure the safety and proper function of every part. Zaxis makes the fastest leak testers on the market today, with our products completing many leak test cycles in less than a second.

The Best Leak Testers for Automotive Manufacturers

Air leak testing is a critical step in any automotive manufacturing process, and Zaxis provides a variety of leak testing solutions to match your needs. We can also  certify our equipment to specific IP rating requirements.  Our air leak testers for the automotive industry include: Not sure which automotive air leak test is your best choice? Call 801-264-1000 to discuss your requirements with a highly trained expert.

Leak Testing Solutions for Any Automotive Component

Our family of products includes leak testing solutions for every aspect of automotive assemblies, such as:
  • Fuel tank leak tests
  • Fuel injector leak tests
  • Exhaust manifold leak tests
  • Intake manifold leak tests
  • Engine block leak tests
  • Cylinder head leak tests
  • Powertrain leak tests
  • Electrical component leak tests
  • EV battery leak tests
  • Airbags and airbag assembly leak tests
  • And much, much more!

Choosing the Right Leak Test Method for Your Automotive Manufacturing Line

There are several methods for performing air leak testing in automotive manufacturing. Your best air leak testing solution will depend on the needs and specifications of your automotive production. Three common options include pressure decay testing, vacuum decay testing, and mass flow testing.
  • In pressure decay testing, the component is pressurized with gas, and the pressure is monitored for any decay, indicating a leak.
  • In vacuum decay testing, the component is evacuated, and the vacuum is monitored for any decay, indicating a leak.
  • In mass flow testing, the gas flow rate through the component is measured, and any deviation from the expected flow rate indicates a leak.

Zaxis is the Leading USA Manufacturer of Leak Tests for the Automotive Industry

Ready to learn how Zaxis leak testing solutions can enhance your car or automotive production line? Contact us or request a quote today. A knowledgeable representative will get to know you and your goals, assisting as you navigate your options.


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