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Learn the Advantages of Concurrent and Sequential Leak Tests with the Isaac HD and 7i Leak Testers

Both the Z-axis Isaac HD and 7i air leak testers are capable of concurrent and sequential leak testing. Understanding the differences between concurrent and sequential testing is crucial in appreciating the benefits of each methodology.

What is a Concurrent Leak Test?

Concurrent testers, like the Isaac HD and 7i, execute a single test simultaneously across multiple channel outputs. Each channel operates autonomously, featuring independent test pneumatics and pressure sensors, to save you time.

The Benefits of Concurrent Leak Tests:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: A concurrent leak test streamlines testing processes by running a single test across multiple channels simultaneously, minimizing testing time and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Independent Channel Testing: Each channel operates independently, ensuring individual part testing without interference and providing precise and accurate results for each tested component.
  • Diverse Test Capabilities: These models support various test types, including Pressure and Vacuum Decay, allowing comprehensive testing across multiple parts simultaneously.

What is a Sequential Leak Test?

Sequential testers have a single sensor routed to test through one of four channel outputs, enabling testing of one output at a time. Sequential tests are ideal for testing for cross talk in multi-lumen catheters and are also good for pacing your operators during continuous testing. All test types can be performed sequentially.

Choosing the Right Multi-Channel Leak Test for Your Automation Line

A concurrent leak test, through its efficiency, versatility, and independent channel operations, presents a compelling advantage for customers seeking streamlined and precise testing. The Isaac HD and 7i testers, with their concurrent and sequential capabilities, offer tailored solutions for various testing requirements, ensuring optimal results and operational efficiency.

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