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Zaxis carries a wide variety of valves to support multiple applications. Most notable are our proprietary Type 2 and 3 valves, designed for sensitivity, speed, and thermal stability. Zaxis valves and valve manifolds are aseptic and made with the highest quality materials, perfect for use in testing medical products. The internal test volume held within the test manifold is as small as possible, at less than 1 cubic centimeter. Pilot air actuates the Type 2 and 3 valves, which eliminates much of the heat transfer created by standard solenoid/poppet valves. Excess heat transferred into a small sensitive part can adversely affect the test pressure, causing lower test sensitivity and longer test times.

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Patented Design
Thermally Isolated
Air Actuated
(Type 2 & 3 valves)
Low Wattage
(less than 1 watt)
Low Internal Volume
(less than 1cc)
High Quality Materials

Valve Options

Valve Type Max PSI Flow: Liters Per Minutes at 10 psi Compatible Testers
Type 1H 25 psi 7.4 SLPM All
Type 1L 50 psi 4.6 SLPM All
Type 1X 107 psi 2.8 SLPM All
Type 2 300 psi 25 SLPM iKit, Isaac HD, Zaxis 7i
Type 2B 130 psi 55 SLPM iKit, Isaac HD, Zaxis 7i
Type 3 750 psi 4 SLPM iKit, Isaac HD, Zaxis 7i
Type 4 1000 psi 13.4 SLPM Isaac HD, Zaxis 7i
High Flow A 30 psi Isaac HD, Zaxis 7i
High Flow F 60 psi Isaac HD, Zaxis 7i

Pressure vs. Time

The graph below illustrates the fill time difference between the Type 1H, Type 1L, Type 1X, and Type 2A valves each filling 92 cc of volume and 229 cc of volume at 10 psi.

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