Zaxis serves a wide variety of industries with fast, affordable and reliable leak testing solutions. The modular design of the Zaxis leak testers allows product engineers to customize any leak tester to perfectly fit their leak testing needs. The same modular components are used throughout the Zaxis family of leak testers. The PCB and other components in a large desktop leak tester such as a 7i used by a R&D department are the same as the components used in the compact automation leak testers like the iKit. This allows for simple test validation along the entire product development process.

Zaxis was the first to create a true multi-tester. If the validation of your product requires more than one test, such as an administrative IV set that requires both a pressure decay and a flow test, the Zaxis Isaac HD and 7i are capable of running multiple programs and test types in a single machine.

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Industrial Leak Testers for Your Market

As the creator of the first true multi-tester, Zaxis can tackle the challenge of any line in most industries. Many of our products can handle multiple types of leak tests to streamline your operations, maximize your manufacturing capacities, and improve overall profitability. Call 801-264-1000 to speak directly with a representative and receive assistance identifying your best solution.


Automotive assemblies and vehicles are formed from complicated networks of parts, components, and electronics. Failure in any one piece of this network can have critical consequences for end users. Zaxis industrial leak testing equipment easily integrates into your automotive manufacturing line to ensure complete quality.

Consumer Goods

Smartphones, water bladder bags, gear watches, and other consumer goods require comprehensive air leak testing to go to market. Zaxis industrial air leak testers ensure your final components meet IP ratings, waterproofing requirements, and other standards.


Air leak testing is an essential step for any electronics automation line. Smartwatches, smartphones, proximity sensors, and other products can cease to function if a leak occurs, and implementing rigorous industrial leak testing equipment from Zaxis can improve the output and overall profitability of your manufacturing runs.


Industrial production lines require dependable air leak testers that offer repeatable and accurate results. Our leak testers ensure that only the best industrial components and assemblies leave your line, automatically evaluating all parts to ensure that required quality standards are met or exceeded.


Devices and equipment used in medical applications and procedures must meet strict standards for use, as even the smallest leak can have life-threatening consequences for patients. From vacuum decay tests to quality control and beyond, we provide high-performance leak testers that meet FDA, ASTM, and other necessary standards.


Whether you are testing a package on a lab bench or thousands of fill-form-seal packages, Zaxis industrial leak testing equipment can be configured to match the needs of your packaging line. Our products are designed to offer automated operations, allowing you to increase output while decreasing opportunities for user error.

Choose Zaxis for Accurate USA-Made Industrial Leak Testing Equipment

Zaxis designs, manufactures, and assembles all our industrial leak testing equipment at our USA facility. Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about how we can support your industrial automation production. A highly trained team member will be in touch to discuss your goals, industry requirements, and other specifications.


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