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Understanding Mass Flow Leak Tests with Isaac HD: Techniques and Applications Explained

Mass Flow Leak Tests are an efficient way to measure flow rates through objects. This test involves attaching a test object to a front port of our Isaac HD and pressurizing it. After that, a pressure sensor compares the test pressure against programmed tolerances, while a Mass Flow Sensor measures the flow during the test phase.

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Understanding Mass Flow Leak Testing

This test evaluates whether the flow rate falls within predefined minimum and maximum flow values. Objects meeting these criteria pass the test, confirming expected flow rates and ensuring product functionality.


Differences Between Thermal and Laminar Mass Flow

Thermal Mass Flow measures flow rates by heating a sensor and calculating the energy required to maintain a constant temperature. It is ideal for gas flow measurements due to its accuracy and versatility.

In comparison, Laminar Mass Flow utilizes laminar flow principles to determine flow rates in parallel layers. Laminar Mass Flow is suitable for precise liquid flow measurements, maintaining accuracy despite varying fluid properties.

How Mass Flow Leak Testing Works with the Isaac HD

  • Attachment: The product connects to the Isaac HD's test port, initiating the test sequence.
  • Pressurization: Regulated air fills the part while the pressure sensor measures test pressure within programmed tolerances.
  • Flow Measurement: The Mass Flow Sensor measures the flow rate during the testing phase.
  • Comparison and Result: The Isaac HD compares flow readings against preset values, determining a pass or fail. The results are displayed on the test screen, indicating pass or fail via illuminated lights.

When to Use Mass Flow Leak Testing

The Isaac HD's versatility with Mass Flow Leak Tests extends across industries, ensuring the reliability and functionality of critical products within medical, automotive, and various sectors and applications:
  • Catheters
  • IV Sets
  • Check Valves
  • Tubing
  • Needleless Injections
  • Infusion Sets
  • Metering Devices

Zaxis is Your Go-To Mass Flow Leak Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Since we opened our doors over 25 years ago, Zaxis has set the bar for high-quality leak testing solutions for automation production lines. All our products are USA-made, and we always go the extra mile to deliver your complete satisfaction. Contact us to discuss your project’s parameters. Request a quote to get started.

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A compact design that saves on valuable manufacturing space. Ideal for automation.

Isaac HD

The modular design makes this mulit-tester the work horse of the leak tester family.

Zaxis 7i

Large feature capacity including a large, easy to use, color touchscreen.
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