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When making medical fluid bags (IV bags, blood bags, feed systems, ostomy bags, airway products, etc.) small holes, or bad welds, can have catastrophic consequences. It’s critical to the health of the patients, and your company.
Differential pressure decay leak tests measure pressure changes between a part & reference volume to identify leaks, but is it right for your line? Find out!
Thermal mass & laminar flow meters provide precision flow measurements, but which is best for your manufacturing line can vary. Find your best solution!
Working with a domestic leak test system and fluid dispensing equipment manufacturer that operates in the USA. Consider, for example, Zaxis, Inc. Located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, Zaxis has a culture of innovation and success.
Balloon catheters and multi-lumen catheters are used throughout the medical industry. From administering essential intravenous medications to performing surgeries, catheters have no room for error, leaks, or compromised performance.
Leak testing is an essential step in any manufacturing process. It ensures your products meet guidelines set by the FDA, USDA, OSHA, FMCSA, and other regulatory bodies applicable to your industry.
While handling pumping systems, it is critical to have a background understanding of some of the important concepts that govern pump performance.
Batteries are the most costly and complex part of EV manufacturing. To assure performance and product safety, batteries are leak tested throughout the manufacturing process to meet strenuous specifications.
The importance of batteries, particularly lithium-ion, in EVs is driving the demand for improved performance and quality in EV battery production.
There are many reasons, from basic product functionality to marketing, that manufacturers test their parts for ingress.
The automotive industry is as demanding as ever with an ever-changing global economy, competition is fierce. Z-axis is here to ensure your automotive components pass the test.


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