Zaxis PD

Customizable Pressure Decay Leak Testing

Side view with (optional mount)

Bottom view


Flexibility and Simplicity

Zaxis’ instruments are built to meet an ever-changing manufacturing environment. The products that Zaxis has conceived in the past 30 years, first as IDS of Salt Lake City, Utah and today as Zaxis Inc, Salt Lake City, are still in use today throughout the world.

Simply Powerful

The Zaxis PD is the newest product from Zaxis, designed to meet today’s quality assurance demands. This tester has been designed for the do-it-yourself tooling person to mount on bench top work cells.

The compact size of the Zaxis PD enables it to be utilized in close proximity to test fixtures.  By reducing the test connection volume, the test sensitivity increases, and test times can be decreased.  Additionally, the internal volume of the Zaxis PD is less than 1 cubic centimeter. The small internal volume combined with integrated sensors and a 24-bit analog to digital converter allow Zaxis to offer a leak tester with the highest sensitivity.  The Zaxis PD is available for pressure or self-generating vacuum decay applications.  The Zaxis PD is configured for one channel.  For multiple channel applications multiple Zaxis PD’s can be mounted on automation for simultaneous testing.

This machine has been designed with the tooling engineer in mind. The unit allows wall mounting. Connections, electrical, air & communication are accessible from the bottom.  Be it bench top automation or full automation.



Dimensions6 x 7 x 6.5 in.A very small footprint enables you to maximize your lab or automation space.

Pressure: 0.00001 PSI

Mass Flow: 0.01 SCCM*

High sensitive ensures your parts are within your manufacturing specification.
Internal Volume0.8 cm3A small internal volume is often overlooked when purchasing a leak tester, but it is one of the most important specifications. A small internal volume minimizes testing variability such as thermal drift.
Pressure Range

0 – 15; 0 – 100 Positive Pressure

0 – 15 PSI Vacuum

With a wide range of pressures, you can tailor your leak tester to fit your specific application. Multiple test pressures on the same unit are available.
Calibration Accuracy0.3% of full scaleHigh accuracy at a low price
Time0.1 – 999.9 secondsThe Isaac HD can test rapidly or over a long duration depending on your specific application.
Display4.3″ backlit color LCD touch screenLarge color touch screen makes it easier to navigate, program custom tests, run tests faster.
CustomizationCustom configuration availableZaxis allow customers to customize their configuration to their specific application ensuring Zaxis’ products always remain relevant.
Test OptionsPressure decay, Occlusion, Vacuum, Mass Flow, Crack Pressure, Burst & moreEach tester can be configured for a multitude of different test types enabling you to minimize your leak testing expenses and maximize your floor space.
Stored Programs4Up to 4 stored programs allow you to program and automate your leak testing specifications minimizing user error.
Media CompatibilityClean, dry, non-corrosive gasesMedia must be compatible with Aluminum and 316 stainless steel. Please contact us if there is a conflict and we can examine alternative solutions.
CommunicationRS232, BCD, TCP/IP (Ethernet)Multiple communication options specific to your application.
Auxiliary Outputs24Vdc PLC InterfaceConnect up to a PLC or to a computer or laptop.
Zaxis Pressure Decay – Data Sheet

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