iKit Leak Tester.

iKit Leak Tester. Automated Leak Testing in a small package.


The iKit is a specialized tester that excels at vacuum, mass flow, or pressure decay leak tests. We designed it to be just as reliable, repeatable, and simple to use as the Isaac HD just with a smaller footprint. The iKit can only perform one test at a time so if you need multiple test modes in a single package, check out the Isaac Multi-tester.

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iKit & TSi-L

Multiplex iKits with a large computer display.  With the ikit TSi-L you can multiplex several iKits enabling you to configure all of them at once. The benefit of using this system is you can program all of your iKits at once and read all of their data at the same time. Save time and money with the iKit & TSi-L system.

iKit Specifications


iKit Leak Tester


The iKit is designed for automation. This single channel hands-off tester is built to test pressure decay, vacuum decay, or flow tests. It’s quick and easy to configure and delivers dependable results every time.

The iKit offers the same reliability and repeatability as the Isaac HD just with a much smaller footprint.

iKit features include:

  • Single Channel
  • 0.8 cm3 of internal volume standard
  • 24 Bit A/D
  • Available serial, Ethernet, and PLC interfaces
  • Available two-axis fixture control
  • Small footprint (3″ X 6″ X 6″)
  • Calibration accuracy is 0.3% of full scale

To learn more about the iKit, download this Datasheet or get in touch with us. We’d love to talk over the phone or email.

Dimension3W”x6H” x6D”A small footprint enables you to maximize your lab or automation space

Pressure:  0.00001 PSI

Mass Flow:  0.01 SCCM*

High sensitivity ensures your parts are within your manufacturing specification.
Internal Volume0.8 cm3A small internal volume is often overlooked when purchasing a leak tester, but it is one of the most important specifications.  A small internal volume minimizes testing variability such as thermal drift.
Pressure Range

0 – 15; 0 – 100; 0 – 500

PSIG Positive Pressure

0 – 15 PSI Vacuum

With a wide range of pressures, you can tailor your leak tester to fit your specific application. Multiple test pressures on the same unit are available.
Display*External 4″ backlit graphical LCD Touch screenA large external touch screen display ensures the user experience is intuitive and fun.
CustomizationCustom configuration availableZaxis allows customers to customize their configuration to their specific application ensuring Zaxis’ products always remain relevant.
Test OptionsPressure decay, Occlusion, Vacuum, Mass Flow, Crack Pressure, Burst & moreEach tester can be configured for a multitude of different test types enabling . you to minimize your leak testing expenses and maximize your floor space.
Stored Programs100Up to 100 stored programs allow you to program and automate your leak testing specifications minimizing user error.

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