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Milliliter Pumps – V Series

(25μL/rev – 1.28mL/rev)


Milliliter Heads for metering pumps

The V-SAN pump heads offer industry leading design for ease of disassembly, combined with rugged performance, high precision, and repeatability. If you are looking to meter up to 1920mL/min or dispense down to 25µL, then the V-Series are ideal. The V-Series is constructed with ISO, Male Gauge Threads standard, allowing for compression type fittings, which are available in a wide range of imperial and metric sizes. Select the piston size closest to your maximum volume for the best accuracy and precision.



The VMP-OEM-V is our stepper–driven motor drive, designed for V series pump heads.  VMP-OEM-V Pumps are ideal for a very wide range of applications, including neat chemistry, and some slurries, pastes, gels, or creams. Flow rates are typically less than 1000 mL/min, and under 100 PSI, making the V Series is one of our most popular pumps. Each VMP-OEM-V Drive is standard with RS485, PLC I/O, and Ethernet connections. 

vmp-oem-v-drive-scaled V-Series


The VMP-OEM-VS is our servo–driven motor drive, designed for V series pump heads. The Servo Drive is ideal for more demanding applications with higher flow rates, higher pressure, or higher viscosity applications. With nearly 4 times the torque, the VS series drive can handle flow rates near 2,000 mL/min and back pressure up to 200 psi, while accepting common V series pump heads. Each VMP-OEM-V Drive is standard with RS485, PLC I/O, and Ethernet connections.

vmp-oem-vs-drive-scaled VS-Series
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