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Microliter Pumps – M Series

(2.5μL/rev – 100μL/rev)

Microliter Heads

Designed primarily for ultra-low volume metering and dispensing, providing high precision and accuracy. If you are looking to meter under 100 mL/min or dispense from 2.5 µL to 100 µL per revolution, then the M0 or M1 head is perfect. Standard with low flow, low dead volume ¼ -28 female ports. The PVDF (Kynar®) pump body, and the wetted path can be configured for Kynar®, PTFE, and Rulon® AR. Select the piston size closest to your maximum volume for the best accuracy and precision.

Microliter Drive for Micro Pumps

The eVmP Micro is our stepper motor drive, designed for the Micro Series pump heads. Micro Pumps are ideal for neat chemistry, with flow rates under 100 mL/min, and pressure less than 100 PSIG. Each Micro Drive is standard with RS485, PLC I/O, and Ethernet connections.

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