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Zaxis electronic precision metering pumps & dosing pumps deliver extreme accuracy for automated medical manufacturing lines.

Dosing pumps and precision fluid metering pumps are critical components of your automated medical manufacturing lines. Your processes require strict adherence to hygienic standards, reliable and repeatable precision, and the ability to change between recipes or batches quickly and efficiently without the risk of cross-contamination. Zaxis electronic variable metering pumps (eVmP) are your best solution.

Designed and engineered to meet the stringent requirements of the medical industry, Zaxis eVmPs are FDA compliant and easy to maintain due to their positive displacement, valveless, design. They are built to make system-wide volumetric adjustments through digital controls, minimizing or fully eliminating the possibility of human error in your automated medical and pharmaceutical lines.

Additional benefits include:
  • Low waste, with 1% accuracy and a coefficient of variation of 0.5% (depending on application)
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) capabilities
  • Ceramic wetted path material options to withstand rigorous washdown procedures
  • Fast product changeover with no required disassembly or manual adjustments
  • Ceramic internals to withstand corrosive chemicals, solutions, or particulates
  • Digital control through Ethernet IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS485, or 24VDC digital I/O
Contact Zaxis today to learn more about how our precision metering pumps and dosing pumps for the medical industry can enhance your automated production.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Applications Assisted by Zaxis eVmP Pumps

Zaxis precision fluid metering and dosing pumps are easily customized to meet any regulatory guidelines, including FDA and ASTM compliance. Our eVmP Pumps are built to your specifications and are easy to integrate into the following production lines:
  • Reagent Kits
  • Reagent Strips
  • Hydrogels
  • Pre-Filled Doses
  • Medical Devices and Assemblies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • And much more!
No matter your medical dispensing needs, Zaxis eVmP Pumps deliver exacting results. Call 801-264-1000 to speak with a representative directly or email We will discuss your line’s needs, get to know your business, and find the right precision fluid metering pump for your goals.

Recommended Precision Fluid Metering Pumps for the Medical Industry

Zaxis Manufactures the Best Precision Metering & Dosing Pumps for the Medical Industry

Zaxis provides innovative solutions for medical manufacturers, industrial OEMs, and other automated lines across an extensive range of industries. We are proud to design and manufacture medical precision fluid metering pumps and medical air leak testing equipment that matches your specifications and supports your operations. We constantly work to improve our processes and deliver the best components possible. To achieve these goals, we are: Download our free technical resource documents to learn more about how our precision fluid metering pumps can improve your medical production processes. Contact us with any questions, and request a quote to receive information specific to your line.


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