Leak Testing Solutions for the Medical Industry

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Leak testing for medical manufacturing is the Zaxis specialty.  Zaxis has 30+ years of experience creating custom leak test solutions for the entire spectrum of medical device manufacturing.

ISO 10555 Correlation to a Pressure Decay Test

ISO 10555 Correlation to a Pressure Decay TestAir to Liquid Correlation Often a process or product has an ISO or similar standard for leak testing.  The following describes how a customer took the ISO 10555 leak test and correlated it to a pressure decay leak test...

Leak Testing Ventilator Tubes & Assemblies

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, in 2020 the demand for medical ventilators has skyrocketed. Production of these medical devices have ramped up so high that some companies are retooling their production lines to help meet this increased demand....

FDA Approves New Faster Coronavirus Test by Roche

Reports are coming in on the FDA's approval of a new test for Covid-19 that has been developed by Roche. “U.S. health regulators have approved a new coronavirus test that will speed up by tenfold the ability to test patients, helping solve a significant obstacle to...

Leak Testing for IP Standards

Ingress protection is a critical part of product development particularly in the medical device assembly and electronics industries. Using IP Code is a standardized way to define just how leak proof a product is without using ambiguous terms such as...

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Medical Industry Solutions

Administration Set

Patented Pressure Decay and Occlusion Leak Tester for IV Administration Sets


Sequentially Test Each Catheter Lumen

Luer Connectors & Disposables

Pressure and Flow All in the Same Unit


Chamber Tests with Custom Nests to Fit Your Part

Medical Fluid

Test for Manufacturing Defects in Strength of Materials and Welds


Cassette Pinch Sealing Fixture

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