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Stringent Quality Required for Medical Devices

Rigorous testing of medical devices is necessary to safeguard patient safety.  Medical devices must meet stringent safety and quality standards because failure in a medical device can have serious life-threatening consequences for patients. The only way to ensure quality in products is by rigorous testing.  Manufacturers require accurate, precise testing equipment with repeatable results to compete in the medical industry.

Zaxis Specializes in Medical Leak Testing 

Zaxis understands quality.

When products are used to save lives, nothing less than the highest quality product is acceptable.  Zaxis leak testers are sensitive, accurate and purpose built for medical manufacturing. The configurable design of Zaxis leak testers make them ideal for any application, from disposable supplies to diagnostic equipment and more.

Zaxis leak testers offer a broad selection of pressure ranges and flow rates.  They available with multiple channels and test types in a single tester. Zaxis can help you adhere to stringent standards such as FDA or ASTM as needed.  Zaxis leak testers perform all the necessary test types for applications in the medical industry including pressure decay testing, vacuum decay, mass flow testing, occlusion testing and more.

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    Medical Devices Zaxis Tests

    Watch the 7i perform a volumetric leak test on a balloon catheter.

    ISO 10555 Correlation to a Pressure Decay Test

    ISO 10555 Correlation to a Pressure Decay TestAir to Liquid Correlation Often a process or product has an ISO or similar standard for leak testing.  The following describes how a customer took the ISO 10555 leak test and correlated it to a pressure decay leak test...

    Leak Testing Ventilator Tubes & Assemblies

    With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, in 2020 the demand for medical ventilators has skyrocketed. Production of these medical devices have ramped up so high that some companies are retooling their production lines to help meet this increased demand....

    Manufacturing Electronic Sensor Catheters

    Due to the growing number of sensing catheters, consistent and reliable manufacturing is vital. Leak testing both the catheter tubing and sensors needs to be done accurately with acute precision.

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    Medical Industry Solutions

    Administration Set

    Patented Pressure Decay and Occlusion Leak Tester for IV Administration Sets


    Sequentially Test Each Catheter Lumen

    Luer Connectors & Disposables

    Pressure and Flow All in the Same Unit


    Chamber Tests with Custom Nests to Fit Your Part

    Medical Fluid

    Test for Manufacturing Defects in Strength of Materials and Welds


    Cassette Pinch Sealing Fixture

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