Patented Electronic Variable Metering Pump

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Electronic Variable Metering Pump.

Precise dosing and automated metering pump.

The eVmP is an automated variable metering and dosing pump that excels at fluid dispensing and metering. It comes complete with built-in industrial Ethernet and serial controls. The dispense volume is automatically adjustable from mLs to uLs to meet your needs.


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The eVmP is an automated variable metering pump used for fluid dispensing and metering. But that’s only what the eVmP is—what makes it special is what we’ve put inside. The eVmP uses internal ceramics that are designed for millions of cycles with minimal to zero downtime. The valve-less ceramic internals provide syringe-like precision with drift free accuracy. We’ve eliminated the inaccuracy associated with tubing and diaphragm pumps and built a robust system that is precise and dependable.

We’ve made the sophisticated capabilities of the eVmP surprisingly accessible. You can set all fluid control parameters with an intuitive touchscreen interface. It’s a plug and play system that can control up to 16 separate units.

Features include:

  • Millions of no maintenance cycles
  • 1% accuracy or better with no drift
  • Two precision stepper motors for pump volume and speed adjustments
  • Patented, automatically adjusted dispense volume
  • Independently controlled stroke rate and displacement
  • Valve-less piston design
  • PC interface with control up to 128 pump modules
  • Up to 100 programs
  • PLC communication is RS232/485

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