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Benchtop Enclosure – eVmP1

Metered Dispensing Control & Operation in One

The VMP1-M/V/VS is a benchtop version of the Zaxis VMP line which includes an integrated 7” capacitive touchscreen as well as 24V digital I/O controls and EtherNet/IP™. The Touchscreen rotates 9 degrees for easy viewing or can be mounted externally. The VMP1-V/VS has a splashproof stainless steel enclosure that allows you to switch the pump head on the right or the left. This enclosure is compatible with either the M or V series stepper or servo drives and M or V series pump heads. No need to supply 24V as the power supply is mounted internally. You can plug this unit directly into a 120V outlet. If you need to switch to a different pump head, then you only need to remove two screws. The VMP1-M/V/VS can be used in automation via RS485, EtherNet/IP™ or 24 VDC digital I/O. 


evmp1-hero-B-scaled eVmP1 Features include:

  • No Valves
  • RS485, 24 VDC Digital I/O, or optional EtherNet/IP™
  • Store up to 50 programs
  • Foot switch or remote start
  • Patented electronic adjustment
  • Automatic adjustment from μL to mL
  • Designed, Manufactured & Assembled in the USA
  • Independently controlled stroke rate, displacement, and fine adjust
  • Touch Screen Interface with adjustable mount
  • Control RPM, forward, reverse, quick-prime, suck-back and more
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