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Leak Tester Videos

Leak Tester Overview
Instructional overview of Zaxis multi-function leak testers. Focus is placed on all standard functions and common interface settings.

Basic Pressure Decay Test Setup
Instructions for basic pressure decay leak test setup on a Zaxis leak tester. We will go over settings, pitfalls and test optimization.

Leak Tester Service

Calibration Video
Watch this video to learn how to properly calibrate a Zaxis leak tester.
Identify a Leak
The following video explains how to properly identify a leak.
Shipping a Leak Tester
Please watch the following video to learn how to properly pack a Zaxis leak tester.

Leak Tester Accessories


What is a leak standard?
A leak standard is a calibrated, simulated leak that can be used in circuit with the part under test.

Using the zHMI
The new Zaxis Human Machine Interface (zHMI) software can monitor up to 30 devices at once.

Metering Pump Videos


Metering Pump Overview

eVmP Smart Pump Interface Overview
Learn the interface and operations of the Zaxis eVmP Smart Pump. Use the detachable teach pendant, or TSi (Touch Screen interface) to control up to 32 individual electronic variable metering pumps.


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