Volumetric Leak Testing for Balloon Catheters

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Balloon catheters and multi-lumen catheters are used throughout the medical industry. From administering essential intravenous medications to performing surgeries, catheters have no room for error, leaks, or compromised performance. When manufacturing balloon catheters, it is of the utmost importance to test extensively for air leaks to avoid critical consequences for patients during use.

Choosing the Right Balloon Catheter Leak Test System for Your Manufacturing Line

Balloon catheters are soft with an inflatable element near the tip, allowing doctors or other medical care providers to enlarge a narrow opening during angioplasty, tuboplasty, pyeloplasty, and other procedures. As an OEM or other manufacturer of balloon multi-lumen balloon catheters, it is imperative that you select the right non-destructive catheter test system to ensure that your components function safely, efficiently, and as designed. Make the following considerations before purchasing a leak test system:
  • What quality standards or official regulations do you need to meet?
  • Which testing methods do you need your leak testing system to accomplish?
  • Do you require programmable features or other specialty options?
  • What are your budget restrictions?
  • What resolution and sensitivity do you require from your balloon catheter leak test system?

Highly Sensitive Non-Destructive Testing Methods for Multi-Lumen Balloon Catheters

A variety of highly sensitive leak testing methods are available for balloon catheters. You may consider: Each of these non-destructive leak testing methods will deliver accurate results at an efficient pace. However, a better leak testing method is available for balloon catheter OEMs and manufacturers: Zaxis volumetric leak tester systems.

How Are Zaxis Volumetric Leak Testers Different from Traditional Test Systems?

Zaxis 7i volumetric leak testers are a non-destructive testing solution for balloon catheters. Featuring innovative designs and operations, our volumetric testing method is sometimes referred to as “airless,” describing the fact that no external air source is hooked up to the tester. Instead, the volumetric leak testing system uses a plunger to generate a pre-determined fixed volume of air to identify any leaks that may be present in your multi-lumen catheters.

While this air leak tester was initially built for performing pressure decay tests, it can also be applied for vacuum decay testing, chamber testing, and other multiple leak testing applications. Other benefits and features of our air leak testing system include:
  • High level of accuracy and sensitivity, allowing for the detection of leaks with 0.1cc balloon through 60 cc balloon testing capabilities
  • Non-destructive testing method, meaning no modifications must be made to tested balloon catheters and components can be used after testing without interrupting operations
  • Versatile performances, providing testing in applications where a fixed volume is needed and compliance is an issue
  • Straightforward operations, minimizing installation time, maintenance delays, and training requirements
  • Cost-effective design, maximizing your facility’s available budget
  • Compact construction, freeing up premium facility floorspace as no external house air supply is necessary

Contact Zaxis Today for Highly Sensitive Leak Test Systems

Your customers and end-users depend on you to deliver effective balloon catheters that function without leaking or disruption. Zaxis is here to help. Our highly sensitive volumetric leak testers for catheters and other medical devices are manufactured with your specifications in mind. Each of our non-destructive testing systems is designed, engineered, and built in the USA to deliver high-quality products that work for you.

Ready to learn more about how the Zaxis family of products can enhance your balloon catheter manufacturing line? Contact us or call 801-264-1000 to discuss your needs and learn more about our services. Request a quote to start your order and receive pricing details specific to your planned use. A highly trained engineering representative will be in touch as soon as possible.


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