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Press Release: Zaxis 7i – Large Display Leak Tester

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Press Release: Zaxis has reinvented their multi-function leak tester with usability in mind, adding a large 7-inch touchscreen to the new Zaxis 7i.

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT. (September 23, 2019) – Zaxis has focused on usability in their latest multi-function leak tester, the Zaxis 7i. The Zaxis 7i has a large built-in 7-inch touchscreen and is currently available for purchase from any Zaxis sales representative.

The Zaxis 7i is a modular, multi-function leak tester. The modular Zaxis 7i leak tester is configurable to a specific application. The Zaxis 7i is an evolution of the Isaac HD, Zaxis’ flagship leak tester, and has more room for larger valves and a capacitive 7” touch screen.

The Zaxis 7i is perfectly suited for desktop applications such as research and development but is also suitable for an automated manufacturing environment. The large touchscreen interface makes test set-up and interaction
simple. The large icons and form fields are easy to interact with and eliminate unintentional user input error.

Ideal for leak test applications with high levels of user interaction, the new 7-inch touchscreen on the Zaxis 7i increases usability and decreases human error.

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