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There are many challenges faced by automotive engineers and manufacturers, one of which is leak testing automotive assemblies. From the battery to the fuse box, from airbags to engine parts, automotive components need to withstand any weather or road conditions the automobile may face. Leak testing has become a crucial part of automotive design.

An automobile will often face more than just a splash of water, thermal changes during operation and cool down will change the pressure held in the part, allowing the part to ‘breath in’ moisture. Simple bubble leak tests are often inadequate to determine a parts ability to perform. The capability to specify test pressure parameters can lead to safer parts proven by more accurate tests.

In one application Zaxis leak tested an air spring assembly for suspension. Originally the customer purchased a single Isaac HD leak tester with a single channel test port. Later they upgraded their modular Isaac HD from a single channel to a two-channel configuration allowing them to test multiple air springs concurrently. Optional three or four channel configurations are also available. The modular design of the Isaac HD allowed them to not only 

upgrade the leak tester thereby doubling its capacity but also integrate larger valves to increase the flow rate thus decreasing the test time. One great thing about the Zaxis modular products is you can add capability when you need it all within the same platform.

pressure decay test can determine if a part is properly sealed or if it has any leaks to atmosphere. The Zaxis line of leak testers are all easily programmable allowing for the most accurate test for any part and its parameters. Zaxis leak testers can also be connected together for factory automation or configured as a standalone benchtop tester ideal for R&D.

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