Vacuum Decay

A variety of products need to be leak tested by subjecting them to negative pressure (vacuum).

The Isaac-HD can be configured to have a built-in venturi vacuum generator to produce the negative pressure needed to leak test products subjected to low vacuum (25 – 100 inches of water range).

Isaac’s pneumatically-driven vacuum source means low noise, no heat, and no maintenance. And because it’s so small, it can be placed very close to the suction point. No added floor space is required because the vacuum source is right inside Isaac’s normal enclosure.

Uson, Cincinnatti Test, Leak Testing

External Vacuum Accumulator

The Isaac-HDV with vacuum is typically used to leak test rather small products (less than 1 liter) at a fairly low vacuum (under 100 inches of water).

Products often tested with vacuum include valves, vacuum chambers, vacuum control devices, and vacuum-operated mechanisms.

The Isaac-HDV is also used to simulate normal-use conditions on other products that operate using vacuum or are subjected to vacuum.