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Tech-Note – Changing a Pressure Transducer


Replacing a Pressure Transducer

Although replacing a pressure transducer is a simple task, the need to replace it is not a regular occurrence. There are a few items to take care of in the removal and installation of a transducer.

There are no wrench flats or key features to aid in the installation. The part can be gripped by the circular ring at the base of the stem.

The transducer is sealed by an o-ring in a counter bore under the grip location.

Take care not to over tighten, the new transducer into the location. Over tightening causes stress on the threads of the part and can lead to breakage. ‘Hand tight’ and 1/8 or less of a turn is all that is needed to seal the transducer in place.

After installation, the calibration procedure must be performed on the unit with the new transducer.

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