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Tech-Note – Changing a Display – HD

Replacing a Display with Touch Screen

Replacing the display is easily done if the front bezel is removed from the tester. With the lid off the tester (eight screws). Unlatch the display ribbon cable from the top left of the display. Disconnect the start and abort buttons from the PC board. Two screws on the bottom of the bezel and one in the top right corner will allow the bezel to be removed for service.

Carefully remove the communication board from the back of the display by pulling the board straight off the connector.

Four screws must be removed to allow the display to be taken out of the bezel.

Before installing a new display, add the communication board to the new display, then remove the screen protecting film on the front of the display.

The new display sits in place of the old one, no alignment is needed. Install as shown in the above picture with the ribbon connector in the upper part of the bezel.

Make sure the silver side of the ribbon faces down in the connector.

PCB connection Reference

On ‘older’ testers the Fail LED and Pass LED connector position are shifted to the left side of the board.

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