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Tech-Note – Calibration of Leak Standards

Flow standards (or Leak Standards) are devices manufactured to flow air at a specific rate with a specified pressure. For example 1sccm @ 20psig. This example would flow of 1 standard cubic centimeter per minute of air at 20 pounds per square inch (gauge) of supply pressure.

The schematic shown below shows the physical setup required to read the calibration of a flow standard.

The supply regulator range should be close enough to the target supply pressure to allow for small changes by the operator. The Digital flow standard (meter) should have accuracy enough to cover the accuracy of the device under test. The digital pressure gauge will indicate the supply pressure. The output of the Leak Standard should not be blocked; it should have a clear path to atmosphere.

With the supply pressure stable, the actual reading of the leak standard can be read from the Digital Flow Standard (meter)

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