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Tech-Note – Adjusting the Span on an Electronic Regulator

To replace an electronic regulator in an Isaac Multifunction Leak tester, the air fittings and electrical harness must be switched from the old unit. A digital gauge will be needed for a reference pressure. With the physical connections in place the new unit must also have the Zero and Span adjustments corrected. When performing the Zero/Span adjustment, the unit must be installed in its final use orientation, if not the output of the regulator will be affected.

To set the Zero/Span enter the calibration screen of the tester. Select the Adjust Regulator button. Use the +++ button (15-20times) to drive the regulator up to full scale. Adjust the span screw (above the word SPAN) until the pressure output pressure is 1% higher than full scale (example 60.6 for a 60psi unit). Press the zero button to send the regulator output to zero pressure. Adjust the ZERO screw until the pressure output is 0.010psi.

Verify the span and zero by using the plus buttons to full scale and the zero button to zero pressure.

The unit will now need to have the calibration procedure performed. See the User Guide for details.

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