Quality Leak Testing in Medical Manufacturing

Zaxis leak testers are configurable, accurate and repeatable. Perfect for quality leak testing in medical manufacturing.

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Quality means seals that don’t burst; means joints that don’t break. Containing what needs to be contained & protecting what needs to be protected.

When your products are used to save lives, nothing less than the absolute best is acceptable. How do you ensure that you only produce the best? You test!

Zaxis leak testers have sensitivity and accuracy, purpose built for the medical manufacturing industry. The configurable design of Zaxis leak testers make them ideal for any application, from disposable supplies and diagnostic equipment, to large devices. Zaxis offers a broad selection of pressure ranges and flow rates as well as the ability to have multiple channels and multiple test types in a single tester. Zaxis can help you validate adherence to standards such as FDA or ASTM and beyond, to your own company standards of quality and peace of mind.

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Leak Testers

The modular design of Zaxis leak testers enables us to meet the demands of a wide variety of applications.

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Medical Manufacturing Solutions

We have leak testing solutions for multi-lumen catheters, IV sets, implantable devices and much more.