Engineering Metering Pumps

eVmP (Electronic Variable Metering Pump)

Patented Design

The patented eVmP system is a precision metering and fluid dispenser combined with a detachable Touch Screen Interface (TSi) for simple programing and immediate teach and control. This pump technology combines precision ceramic pump components and an electronically controlled linear stepper actuator to make ultra-fine adjustments to angle position, thereby changing the volume of metered liquid. This allows the eVmP system to provide dynamic fluid displacement to overcome variations in viscosity and surface tension. The eVmP is the latest in fluid metering and dispense technology. 

Ceramic Internals

Durable, long lasting, abrasion resistant

Valveless Design

Easy to clean, easy to maintain, simple changeover

Electronic Variability

Simple “Push Button” displacement adjustment

Positive Displacement

High accuracy and repeatability
(accuracy is within  0.5%)

Rotating and Reciprocating Valve-Less Ceramic Piston Design

  • Extremely tight tolerances bring accuracy and repeatability
  • No external supply and discharge valves, the intake port is always connected to the discharge port
  • Valveless and only one moving part, yielding millions of maintinence-free cycles

Patented Design

Our Engineers work hard to develop safe, reliable devices that fill your need. 
Patent No. US 7,708,525 B2 is for the Zaxis eVmP system for providing a dynamically adjustable reciprocating fluid dispenser.

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