Benchtop eVmP Enclosure

Metered Dispensing Control & Operation in One

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Benchtop eVmP Enclosure

Metered Dispensing Control & Operation in One

The VMP1-M/V/VS is a benchtop version of the Zaxis VMP line which includes an integrated 7” capacitive touchscreen as well as 24V digital I/O controls and EtherNet/IP™. The Touchscreen rotates 9 degrees for easy viewing or can be mounted externally. The VMP1-V/VS has a splashproof stainless steel enclosure that allows you to switch the pump head on the right or the left. This enclosure is compatible with either the M or V series stepper or servo drives and M or V series pump heads. No need to supply 24V as the power supply is mounted internally. You can plug this unit directly into a 120V outlet. If you need to switch to a different pump head, then you only need to remove two screws. The VMP1-M/V/VS can be used in automation via RS485, EtherNet/IP™ or 24 VDC digital I/O. 

Zaxis eVmP Micro precision fluid dispenser

eVmP1 Compatibility

Pump Head Piston Size Wetted Path Material Pump DrivePSIG Max mL/rev Max mL/min RPM*
M0 3/16" CKC VMP-OEM-M100 0.05 50 1,000
M1 1/4" CKC VMP-OEM-M100 0.10 100 1,000
V1 1/4" SAN
V2 3/8" SAN
V3 1/2" SAN

Features include:

  • No Valves

  • RS485, 24 VDC Digital I/O, or optional EtherNet/IP™

  • Store up to 50 programs

  • Foot switch or remote start

  • Patented electronic adjustment

  • Automatic adjustment from μL to mL

  • Designed, Manufactured & Assembled in the USA

  • Independently controlled stroke rate, displacement, and fine adjust

  • Touch Screen Interface with adjustable mount

  • Control RPM, forward, reverse, quick-prime, suck-back and more

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The patented eVmP system is a precision metering and fluid dispenser combined with a detachable Touch Screen Interface (TSi) for simple programing and immediate teach and control.


The eVmP Micro is an automated variable metering pump used for fluid dispensing and metering. The eVmP uses internal ceramics that are designed for millions maintenance free cycles with minimal to zero downtime. The valve-less ceramic internals provide syringe-like precision with drift free accuracy. We’ve eliminated the inaccuracy associated with tubing and diaphragm pumps and built a robust system that is precise and dependable.


We’ve made the sophisticated capabilities of the eVmP surprisingly accessible. You can set all fluid control parameters with an intuitive touchscreen interface. It’s a plug and play system that can control up to 32 separate units.

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5.5″ wide, 15.1″ high, 13.5″ deep

Accuracy and Precision

+/- 1% of full scale, 0.5 CV with 0.01 µL resolution

Excellent repeatability. Hit your target every time, minimize waste.

System Power

60 Watts, 2 Amps, 24 VDC 110-240VAC

Both for domestic and international use, CE.

Pressure Range

0—100 psi (customization available)

With a variable pressure range, we can ensure the eVmP satisfies the requirements of your application. The key is flexibility.

Dispense and Flow Range

0—1.28 mL/rev, up to 900 mL/min continuous

Ideal for low volume dispensing and high flow prime, clean, and purge.

Wetted Path Options

Ceramic (Medical grade alumina-oxide), 316SS, 303/304SS, PVDF, PEEK, Customization Available

With flexibility in mind, we can ensure the eVmP meets even the most challenging applications including: chemically inert as well as food and pharma.

Operational Temps

-20ºC – 70ºC, non-condensing

The eVmP’s stable design is ideal for manufacturing and OEM instrumentation. Ask about our IP and NEMA options.

Operational Types

Continuous metering, Single/Multiple Dispense, Flow Direction, and Pull Back

Fluid can be controlled bi-directional, allowing for fast purge or prime, clean in place, and accurate dispensing and metering.

Stored Programs

Link, loop, Cycle, Delay up to 50 programes on each pump drive

Automate your dispensing process thereby minimizing user error while simultaneously increasing efficiency of your manufacturing/dispensing process.


RS485, 24 VDC Digital I/O, or optional EtherNet/IP™

Zaxis offers a number or communication options for OEM applications, perfectly adapted for automation.

See our Downloads page for a printable data sheets, catalogs, and manuals.

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