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Milliliter Pumps – VS10 Series

(0.1mL/rev – 10mL/rev)

Milliliter Heads

The V6SAN-W Pump head offer one of the largest fill volumes per stroke and metering rate in the industry, providing larger flow rates with a valve-less piston design. It features 316SS and PTFE wetted parts, as well as sanitary features such as tri clamp/sanitary fittings designed to meet FDA and 3A standards. Wash glands are optional(-w) as well as numerous fitting configurations to meet your application needs.

Milliliter Drive

The VMP-OEM-VS10 is our specialty, servo–driven motor drive, designed to accept to V6SAN Pump Head. Using a powerful servo motors and extra-large flow capacity, the VMP-OEM-VS10 can accomplish an amazing 10L/min and nearly 10mL/stroke, at a maximum of 25 PSI. Each VS10 Drive is standard with RS485, PLC I/O, and Ethernet connections.

Milliliter Head Specifications

Compatible Drive
Wetted Path
Ceramic (medical grade alumina-oxide), 316SS, Customization available
Operational Temps -20˚C – 70˚C, non-condensing
Accuracy & Repeatability
+/- 1% Full Scale Accuracy, 0.5% Full Scale CV (coefficient of variation)

Milliliter Drive Specifications

Dimensions 3.6″ wide, 4.9″ high, 9.3″ deep
Compatible Heads V6SAN-W
Weight 18.4lbs (with pump head)
System Power
24VDC 4Amp (Optional 75VDC 5Amp)
Pressure Range 100PSIG Max
 600 (speed dependent on viscosity)
Operational Types Continuous Metering, Single/Multiple Dispense, Flow Dispense, Flow Direction & Suck Back
Stored Programs Up to 50
RS485, 1/2 or Full Duplex, Optional EtherNet/IP

VS10-Series Preventive Maintenance Kit

Kit includes:

  • 1 Lip Seal
  • 1 Gland Washer
  • 2 Port Seal Bushings
  • 1 Gasket

VMP Pump

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