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Zaxis eVMP - Electronic Adjustment, Valveless Metering Pumps

Metering pumps are critical components on most automation production lines. They provide precise volumes of liquids, chemicals, and other substances during specified periods to deliver repeatable results. Zaxis electronic variable metering pumps (eVmP) feature a patented valveless design and provide digitally controlled system-wide volumetric adjustments. Traditional metering pumps contain valves that easily clog and require manual adjustments and cleaning or maintenance can bring your production to a standstill. Our electronic metering pumps offer:

  • Clean-in-place (CIP) capabilities to minimize shutdowns and eliminate the need for disassembly during product changeovers
  • No necessary manual adjustments between recipes or batches, allowing changeovers to be completed in minutes
  • Low waste, with 1% accuracy and a coefficient of 0.5%, depending on application
  • Ceramic internals to withstand harsh chemicals, solutions, or particulates
  • Digital control via Ethernet IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS485, or 24DC digital I/O
  • And more!

Many options are available to match the needs of your production line. Shop our family of valveless metering pumps, then request a quote to get started.

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Microliter Pumps – M Series

Milliliter Pumps – V Series

Milliliter Pumps – VS10 Series

Benchtop Enclosure – eVmP1

Dual Enclosures – eVmP2

Engineering Metering Pumps

Electronic Metering Pump Configurations & Options

Zaxis offers a diverse line of electronic metering pumps to match your exact specifications. If you do not see the right valveless metering pump configuration for your automation production line, or you would like assistance evaluating your options, call 801-264-1000 to speak directly with a Zaxis representative.

Microliter Pumps—M Series

M Series microliter electronic metering pumps are intended for ultra-low volume metering and dispensing, such as metering under 100 mL/min or dispensing between 2.5 µL to 100 µL per revolution.

Milliliter Pumps—V Series

V Series milliliter valveless metering pumps meter up to 1920 mL/min and dispense down to 25 µL. They are easily disassembled and combine rugged performance, high precision, and extreme repeatability.

Milliliter Pumps—VS10 Series

Offering one of the largest fill volumes per stroke and metering rate currently on the market, VS10 Series metering pumps feature 316 stainless steel and PTFE wetted parts alongside sanitary features to match FDA and 3A standards.

Benchtop Enclosure—eVmP1

eVmP1 benchtop enclosures include a splashproof stainless steel enclosure and integrated 7” capacitive touchscreen. They offer the Zaxis eVmP valveless design and automatically adjust from μL to ML for simplified operations.

Dual Enclosures—eVmP2

Delivering two metering pumps in one enclosure, eVmP2 dual enclosures are configurable to match your exact requirements. Eliminate the inaccuracy of tubing and diaphragm pumps with this precise and robust metering system.

Engineering Metering Pumps

Engineering metering pumps from Zaxis offer a high-performance metering and fluid dispenser paired with a detachable touchscreen interface for simple programming and immediate teach and control.

Innovative Valveless Metering Pumps for Your Industry

For over 25 years, Zaxis has set the standard for electronic metering pumps, and our expertise, vast product line, and custom-engineered solutions are at your disposal. You require specialized and accurate metering pumps that deliver repeatable performances and meet the demands of your industry, and we are ready to enhance production for:

Regardless of your industry, our team will work closely with you to ensure every specification and regulation is met, including compliance with FDA standards or REACH and RoHS guidelines.

Zaxis Metering Pumps Deliver Precision Results for Automation Production Lines

Zaxis is the premier USA-owned and operated manufacturer of electronic valveless metering pumps and air leak testers for automation production lines. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your production line through cutting-edge electronic metering pumps. Request a quote to begin your order.

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