Pressure Testing on Proximal Catheter Seal

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When a client requested pressure testing for a proximal catheter seal, it quickly became obvious that properly placing the skive in the sealing fixture would be the main challenge in this project.


Zaxis catheter proximal sealing fixture

In the end, the solution was clear: Our expert design staff created a sealing fixture with a clear port that allows the tester to verify the skive is in the correct location before beginning each test.

Our custom solution provided a consistent, reliable testing process for the client.

Zaxis is dedicated to providing you a comprehensive solution for your leak testing needs. Please reach out to us or download some literature to learn more about our applications and products.

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For this application Zaxis recommends the Isaac-HD leak tester with both pressure and vacuum decay.

Isaac-HD Leak Tester

Isaac-HD Leak Tester

The Isaac HD air leak detector offers a large full-color graphic display and outstanding signal processing for unparalleled test stability and repeatability.

The Isaac HD is particularly well-suited for such air leak tests as:[star_list]

[list_item]Pressure/vacuum decay[/list_item]

[list_item]Mass flow[/list_item]

[list_item]Pressure cracking[/list_item]

[list_item]Burst pressure[/list_item]

[list_item]Valve cracking pressure[/list_item]


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