Leak Tester Fittings

The port on the Zaxis PD is a female 1/4 NPT. The port on the iKit, Issac HD, and Zaxis 7i is a female 1/8 NPT. Any compatible fitting may be used. The most common leak tester fittings are the Male Luer, Male Luer Lock, Female Luer Lock, 5 mm compression, 6 mm compression and the Staubli T. Please contact a sales representative with any fitting compatibility questions.

Male Luer Male Luer taper fitting with slip tip (no threads)
Male Luer Lock One-piece male Luer taper fitting with threaded sleeve
Compression Fitting Available for 5 mm or 6 mm tubing, other sizes avaible upon request
Staubli T Allows for incorperation of a leak standards in circut

Speak to a Specialist

Our leak test specialist are happy to answer any questions you may have about test types and which tester would best suit your products needs.