Engineering Leak Testers

Zaxis’ instruments are built to meet a dynamic manufacturing environment.

Quality, speed, and repeatability are at the forefront of the Zaxis design process. The compact size of the Zaxis testers enables them to be utilized in close proximity to test fixtures. By reducing the test cavity volume, the test sensitivity increases, and test times can be decreased. A small internal volume, when combined with integrated sensors and a 24-bit analog to digital converter, allow Zaxis to offer the highest sensitivity on the market.

Low Internal Volume

< 1 cm3 internal test volume

Lock Screens

lock up to 3 screens for different users

Intuitive User Interface

same interface across all products
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Media Compatibility

clean, dry, noncorrosive gasses compatible with anodized aluminum and 316 stainless steel

High Resolution

0.00001 PSI


24 VDC PLC I/O, Ethernet (TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP)
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0.1-999.9 seconds

Onboard Computing

stored programs and statistical data

Multiple Engineering Units

PSI, in of H20, kPa, mbar, mmHg, cmH20

Touch Screen Interface

7″ or 4.5″ color touch screen with 22.5 mm NEMA 13 lighted pushbuttons and indicators
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With over 35 years of leak testing experience, our service team is ready to troubleshoot and address all of your concerns.

In-Depth Engineering


Liquid crystal touch screen display, designed for test adaptability and ease of use.


Zaxis uses the highest quality thermally isolated aseptic valves.


Flexible communication options.

Custom Fabrication

We will design something perfect for your environment.

Patented Design

Our Engineers work hard to develop safe, reliable devices that fill your need. 
Patent No. US 9,322,736 B2 is for the Zaxis CamTrac that integrates safety with motion in leak testing.

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We are here to answer any and all questions about leak testers and test types.