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Dynamically Adjustable & Reciprocating Metering Pumps

eVmP Fluid Dispensing & Metering Devices Deliver Precision Results

Zaxis’ patented electronic variable metering pump (eVmP) system is a precision metering pump designed for OEM production lines. Unlike manually adjustable metering pumps or dosing systems, the eVmP is an electronically adjustable metering pump that can be digitally controlled.

Zaxis’ valveless rotating and reciprocating metering pumps are engineered to deliver millions of maintenance-free cycles with drift-free accuracy and precision dispensing. Other features include:

  • Ceramic internals that stand up to abrasives, strong acids or bases, and more
  • Valveless design for minimal downtime
  • No manual adjustments required between recipes and batches
  • Detachable Touch Screen Interface (TSi) for simple programming and immediate teach and control
  • Programmable variable metering pumps remove risk of human error
  • Clean-in-Place (CIP) features minimize downtime and eliminate disassembly requirements
  • Digital control through Ethernet IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS485, or 24VDC digital I/O
  • 1% Accuracy, 0.5% CV

eVmP Benchtop Metering Pump

The eVmP is a patented, automated variable metering pump used for fluid dispensing and metering, complete with integrated industrial Ethernet and serial controls. The dispense volume is automatically adjustable from mLs to uLs.


The NEW Dual eVmP is a patented, automated electronic variable metering pump used for fluid dispensing and metering, complete with integrated industrial Ethernet and serial controls. The dispense volume is automatically adjustable from mLs to uLs.

eVmP OEM Metering Pump

Zaxis’ eVmP metering pump can be optimally configured for OEM applications. Check out our specifications to see if the eVmP meets your needs.

eVmP Micro Pump

The eVmP Micro can be configured for your specific micro dispensing application. Combined with Zaxis’ strong engineering and development team, micro eVmP solutions may be the best option. The variable metering pump is a patented, programmable, fluid dispensing and metering device.

eVmP Animation Metering Pump

The automated variable metering pump changes the volume dispensed by adjusting the angle of the piston relative to the pump head.

eVmP Servo Metering and Dispense Pump

The eVmP Servo Metering and Dispense Pump provides increased performance for the most demanding applications. Applications requiring position control, power feedback and full programmability of dispense volume, dispense speed, and dispense direction are ideal for the eVmP Servo metering and dispense pump.

Advanced Features & Capabilities of Zaxis Variable Metering Pumps

Zaxis precision metering pumps are dynamically adjustable via an electronically controlled actuator. Our design allows for ultra-fine liquid volume adjustments while still achieving 100% positive displacement. In summary, the Zaxis eVmP offers:

  • 1% accuracy and 0.5% repeatability
  • Extremely tight tolerances
  • Valveless design for minimal maintenance
  • Ability to deliver millions of maintenance-free cycles
  • 100% positive displacement

Programmable Metering Pump Configurations

Multiple configurations of eVmP fluid dispensing and metering devices are available to match the needs of your manufacturing operations. Various pump head types and sizes, pump drives, and flow rates (Max mL/rev and Max mL/min) are offered to match your specifications. To ensure your eVmP system stands up to the rigors of your production, we supply wetted path materials such as stainless steel (SAN) or ceramic Kynar® (CKC).

Use the table below to find the right eVmP system for your application. Call 801-264-1000 to speak with a representative and to receive assistance navigating your options.

Dynamically Adjustable Reciprocating Pumps for OEMs in Any Industry

OEM operations like yours require robust variable metering pumps that keep up with your production schedule day after day. Whether you’re creating hydrogels, pharmaceuticals, or building automotive lubrication systems, our patented eVmP system is ready to tackle the challenges of any market. Here are some examples: 

Zaxis is a Leading OEM Variable Metering Pump Supplier & Manufacturer

OEMs like you require fluid dispensing solutions you can trust. Zaxis is proud to be the go-to manufacturer for dynamically adjustable reciprocating pumps. All our OEM variable metering pumps are made in the USA. We are passionate about quality, and we always go the extra mile to keep your operations running smoothly.

Contact us or request a quote today to learn how Zaxis can support your production line.

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