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Chemical Metering Pumps for Environmental Applications

Automation applications completing environmental work require precision metering pumps. Chemical metering pumps, also called chemical feed pumps, from Zaxis are here to help. Our metering pumps for environmental manufacturers and workers are customizable to your line, and they are engineered to stand up to the harsh conditions and rigors associated with ecological work. Our electronic variable metering pumps (eVmP) feature:

  • Patented valveless design for easy cleaning, maintenance, and changeover procedures
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) capabilities to minimize shutdown time on your line
  • Diamond-hard ceramic internals to withstand abrasive substances and chemicals
  • High-accuracy positive displacement designs to achieve accuracy within 0.5%, depending on application
  • Quickly changeover products, batches, or recipes with no required disassembly or manual adjustments
  • And much more!

Zaxis is the go-to USA-owned and operated chemical metering pump manufacturer for environmental productions and applications. For over 25 years, we have proudly served a diverse range of industries, and we are ready to help you maximize your operational efficiency. Request a quote today to start your order.

Zaxis eVmP systems are ideal for precision metering and dosing for many applications, including:

  • Metering Adulticides and Larvicides
  • Water Conditioning
  • Water and Wastewater Analysis Reagent Kits
  • Coating Seeds and Fertilizer Pellets
  • Sewage Overflow Monitoring
  • Soil Composition Testing

Advantages of Chamber Leak Testing for Sealed Electronics

  • Sealed Component Integrity: Chamber testing meticulously inspects sealed electronic components, ensuring their resistance to external factors.
  • Environmental Durability: Chamber testing ensures that devices function reliably under diverse environmental conditions, whether underwater, in space, or in extreme climates.
  • Safety Assurance: Chamber testing validates the safety of electronic devices by preventing potential hazards caused by compromised seals or leaks.

Recommended Chemical Metering Pumps for Environmental Dispensing

Servo Precision Metering Pumps

Extra-Large Flow Capacity

Environmental work covers a vast range of applications, including sewage overflow monitoring, soil composition testing, fertilizer pellet manufacturing, and much more. The best chemical metering pump and dosage will depend on a variety of factors specific to your work. As many environmental jobs deal with possibly hazardous chemicals and high-risk substances, precise and accurate dosing is critical at all stages of production.

Call 801-264-1000 if you are unsure which chemical feed pump is right for your planned application or to streamline your production. Zaxis is ready to engineer and manufacture your best solution.

Water Treatment Chemical Metering Pumps

Water treatment, conditioning, and analysis kits require precision metering pumps that deliver repeatable, accurate dispensing. Whether treating wastewater or dispensing chemical mixtures on a manufacturing line, you need optimized production with low energy expenditures and reduced operational costs. Zaxis chemical feed pumps are endlessly customizable to integrate into your water treatment applications. Our extra-large flow capacity water treatment chemical metering pumps:

  • Reduce and minimize expensive downtime, costly maintenance, and energy waste
  • Improve HVAC efficiency
  • Withstand corrosive or abrasive water treatment chemicals and particulates
  • And include many other features!

Adulticide and Larvicide Chemical Feed Pumps

Adulticide and larvicide chemical metering pumps inject and dispense chemical additives required for manufacturing critical pest control products. Precise and controlled dosing is essential, as incorrectly or inaccurately dosed chemicals can harm workers, end users, and the environment.
The right pesticide chemical feed pump for your line will depend on your production volume, chemical composition, desired dose, and other factors. Contact us to discuss your manufacturing needs with a Zaxis expert.

Seed Coating Chemical Feed Pumps

Seed coating is a post-treatment process that greatly improves the final product for end users. The coating agents—which can include pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, release agents, and other substances—are dosed from a seed coating chemical metering pump. To ensure proper growth and ample production, these coating agents must be meticulously measured and accurately dosed.

Zaxis chemical metering pumps for seed coating applications will maximize profitability, streamline your automation line, and reduce expensive downtime. Shop servo precision pumps to find your best option.

Zaxis Chemical Metering Pumps Improve Your Environmental Manufacturing Line

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Zaxis is committed to helping you make the most of your automation production line. Our high-quality air leak testing equipment and precision metering pumps are designed and manufactured to improve your business. Contact us or request a quote to begin your order.

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