eVmP VS6-Series

Extra-Large Flow Capacity

Configure a Metering Pump

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Configure a Metering Pump

Contact us today to find the right solution for your needs.

eVmP VS6-Series

The eVmP VS6 is our specialty, extra-large flow pump. Using one of the most powerful servo motors in the industry the VS6 can accomplish an amazing 6 liters per minute and nearly 7 milliliters per stroke at a maximum of 25 psi. Each VS6 is standard with RS485, PLC I/O, and Ethernet connections.


Applications Include:

  • Large Vial and Bottle Filling
  • Sanitary Napkins (Pre Treated)
  • Specialty Pharma Process and Filling
  • Specialty Food Dispensing
  • Specialty Cosmetic Dispensing


The patented eVmP system is a precision metering and fluid dispenser combined with a detachable Touch Screen Interface (TSi) for simple programing and immediate teach and control.
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VS6 Heads

The VS6 Pump heads offer one of the largest fill volumes per stroke and metering rate in the industry, providing larger flow rates with a valve-less piston design. It features 316SS and PTFE wetted parts, as well as sanitary features such as tri clamp/sanitary fittings designed to meet FDA and 3A standards. Wash glands are optional(-w) as well as numerous fitting configurations to meet your application needs.

VS6 Drive

The servo drive is ideal for more demanding applications with higher flow rates, higher pressure, or fluids with higher viscosity. With nearly 4 times the torque of a traditional stepper motor, the eVmP servo drive can handle flow rates near 6/min at a maximum pressure of 25 psi.


Piston SizeMaterial OptionsPSIGMax mL/revMax mL/minRPM*

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