Mass Flow.

Mass Flow Test

Test and Production Engineers are often faced with the task of measuring flow rate in products quickly, accurately and inexpensively. Mechanical flow measuring devices such as rotameters or flow meters can be insensitive, slow, and subject to operator error. Zaxis’ Isaac HD is an off the shelf leak tester with a high precision flow and pressure sensor.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The product is attached to the test port and the test sequence is initiated.Flow_graph
  2. The Fill step, pressurizes the part with regulated air. The test pressure is measured to the programmed tolerances using the pressure sensor.
  3. During the Test step the measurement of flow is taken by the Mass Flow Sensor.
  4. The Isaac compares the flow reading to the max and min flow values to determine a pass or fail. The flow reading and test result are displayed on the test screen and the pass or fail light are illuminated.

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