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The VMP can be designed as a stand alone system or integrated into a dedicated OEM dispensing station as shown in the image above. Zaxis can configure the VMP specifically for OEM applications.


The VMP is ideal for a multitude of industrial dispensing applications including chemical synthesis, water & waste treatment, power plants, petroleum refining, and more.


Zaxis’ VMP can be used to sample ground water, waste water, stack gases, or inject monomers, polymers, or other chemicals for drinking water or waste water treatment.


Designed specifically with automation, repeatability, and accuracy in mind, the VMP (variable metering pump) is ideal for medical dispensing applications. Click on the icon above to learn more.


Zaxis’ humble dispensing beginnings originated in the pharmaceutical industry. The VMP is ideal for filling gel capsules repeatably, accurately, and quickly.


The VMP is ideal for dispensing ceramic slurries for manufacturing capacitors or diodes, insulating and encapsulating materials used to manufacture electric motors, add flux for wave soldering equipment, dispensing mercury for manufacturing switches, and metering of semiconductor wash & tech solutions.

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