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Leak testing medical devices is crucial to any medical equipment manufacturing operation. Zaxis is here to help. Our experts discuss medical devices that benefit from leak testing, outline our leak testers for medical equipment, and help you deliver the best medical devices to your clients. All our testers provide high-quality leak testing for medical equipment. 

Leak Testing Medical Devices for Critical Applications

Medical devices must meet stringent regulatory guidelines while meeting client demands to do more in less time and at a higher level than previous models. Leak testing can help you meet these demands to create precision medical components for potentially life-saving applications, such as:

AspiratorsBags and filtersBlood bagsBlood dialyzers and devicesCPAP tubeBubble pointsCathetersCentrifugesChemotherapy pumpsAnd many other essential medical devices!

Leak Testers for Medical Devices

Leak testers for medical equipment must be highly sensitive, accurate, and purpose-built for the medical manufacturing industry. Many feature configurable designs, making them ideal for any medical application, from disposable supplies to diagnostic equipment to large devices and beyond.

To keep your medical equipment delivering quality results, it’s essential to find a leak tester manufacturer you can trust and who offers a broad selection of pressure ranges, flow rates, and the ability to have multiple channels or test types in a single tester. Zaxis is proud to offer a variety of FDA/ASTM-compliant leak testers that can be used to confirm quality medical devices are leaving your facility. We offer:

  • Zaxis PD. A wall-mounted, low-cost, single-channel alternative for manufacturing cell configurations.
  • iKit. Save on space with this tester’s slim, compact design with enhanced automation abilities.
  • Isaac HDFeatures a modular design and hardworking capabilities.
  • Zaxis 7iThe large feature capacity includes an easy-to-use color touchscreen.

All our leak testing products for medical devices are configurable, accurate, and repeatable. We are your perfect solution for quality leak testing in medical manufacturing. 

Your Top Source for FDA/ASTM-Compliant Leak Testers for Medical Equipment

Zaxis is your top provider of leak testing equipment for medical devices and other industries. We only offer the highest quality products, meaning seals that don’t burst, joints that don’t break, containing what needs to be contained, and protecting what needs to be protected. When your products are used to save lives, nothing less than the best is acceptable. How do you ensure that you only produce the best? You test!

To learn more about how Zaxis can take your medical device manufacturing operation to the next level through our quality leak testing products for medical equipment, contact us or call 801-264-1000 to speak to one of our sales engineers today. We’re ready to show you how we can help ensure your production process only generates the best.

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